Marketing Roadmap

Our marketing roadmap yields an actionable plan for marketing transformation in twelve short weeks. Refined over the past decade, our marketing planning methodology uses data-driven insights to create a viable marketing strategy. That viable part is key. Our roadmaps are actionable and achievable.

Marketing roadmaps from Reset Digital are structured, but not rigid. We can adjust for your company’s individual needs by combining both standard and optional modules.

Collaboration with our clients is baked into the methodology including meetings, shared documentation and formal reviews.


Reset Digital delivers an actionable plan to achieve marketing greatness for technology companies of all sizes.

Kick Off

Ensuring we get off to a fantastic start for the entire roadmap.

We believe in preparation and good starts. The cornerstone of the entire roadmap is the Kick Off Meeting. Invitees are typically decision-markers from across the business including IT, sales, operations, and human resources. The purpose of the meeting is to solicit the inputs needed to embark on the discovery phase. This typically includes briefings, brainstorming and workshop elements.


Surfacing the insights needed to make sound decisions and strategic recommendations.

Our standard discovery phase includes stakeholder interviews and an exhaustive marketing audit. We’ll dig into your analytics, review your current marketing and sales activities, audit your SEO, conduct an analysis on social networks and take the pulse of the competition. Delivery of the risk management plan closes off this phase.

Frequently, Reset Digital adds on market research and usability testing to the discovery phase.


This is truly where the magic happens. Based on insights surfaced during discovery, we develop strategic recommendations for channels, content, community, measurement, technology and team resourcing. We prioritize our recommendations looking to hit the strategic sweet spot between culture, business goals and buyer needs.


At this stage, our clients do much of the work. We’ll present the final roadmap to those individuals engaged at kick-off and to company executives. Typically, our clients champion the roadmap and get organizational buy-in. Once we’ve got support for the roadmap, Reset Digital provides marketing teams who get the job done.


You’re in good company. We are proud to delivered marketing strategy and roadmaps for these companies and more:

  • A global technology powerhouse that stands for engineering excellence, innovation, quality, and reliability.

  • A Canadian multinational mass media and information firm.

  • A new version of a hardware interface standard that allows the connection of external peripherals to a computer.

  • An American multinational conglomerate corporation operating in the fields of industry, healthcare, and consumer goods.

  • One of Canada’s largest multinational financial services companies.

  • An American multinational automaker.

  • A not-for-profit organization providing professional development for the property and casualty insurance industry.